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Dudley Doright and Snidely Whiplash in one body

19 February
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I am primarily focused on the S/M side of things so call myself a Top.
The D/s side of things is an area I have less experiance with and reserve for actual relationships as opposed to short term scene partners.

I joined the lifestyle in 83 through the South Bay group and the Society of Janus.
Moved to Oklahoma in 97 where I hooked up with ADI and then the other groups as they were created.
Finally opened up a dungeon in OKC (Diverse Paths) so there would be a place I was happy to play in and one we could have regular classes and education to build up the skills and numbers of OK BDSM community.
I'm pretty proud of it and the people who are helping make it work now and those in earlier years.
My dream is for it to get big enough and self sufficent so it can be handed off as a legacy.